Can anyone help (settings)?

Hey guys , was looking through my achievements via the settings tab and noticed these down the bottom…

Is there a way to sort this out? My achievements next to the rewards however say 31/31. If anyone can shed light then that would be tidy

Like i know ive definately collected enough to complete it…

Hey there, @Ryan_Edwards, I’m not entirely sure why these are not updating for you - I know that I have had to fully close an app and then re-start it in order for this to be updated on the other end.

If this doesn’t help, however, reach out to our support team at, and they’ll do all that they can in order to help clear this up! If you can include your support key in your e-mail then they’ll be able to find you faster in our system. Thanks!

Maybe email a support ticket to ludia with supporting screen shots? Might help.

Will try that thank you :grin: