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Can anyone tell me what kind of dog this is?


It spawned right on top of me and maybe I am being a derp but I don’t recognise it and couldn’t click on it :confused:


Looks like an Argentinosaurus.


Iguanodon or Argentinosaurus

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Seems to be Argentinosaurus!!
Definitely not Iguanodon: Have seen far too many in my L3 local. Won’t forget that dino!!

Btw… it doesn’t seem like a dog :joy:

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Thanks guys. Probably an Argentinosaurus, just so long since I’ve seen one of those in the wild. Not worth me losing any sleep over then!


Definitely looks like an argentinosaurus but aren’t they rare? So where’s the blue circle?

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For sure not an iguanodon.

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Yeah I think the game might have been bugging which is why I couldn’t click on it. Or maybe he was in disguise for Halloween :ghost:

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iguanodon?? lol feel bad for him if you ever had to choose one from a police lineup


no no no, thats Don, Iguana Don…dude is seriously into lizards and such.