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Can anyone tell me when the next “hybrids 15% off” is happening

As you can see I have saved a large amount of dna to get 2 Indominus Rex but I don’t know when it’s on the highest sale ( 15% ) and I don’t want to miss it

Here’s @Sionsith’s list of discount times.

Do you know how to bookmark posts? This is a good one to save.

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Get your discounts while you can, coz who knows, they may soon be gone too.

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I actually managed to wake up in what passes for the middle of the night for me today, and was so excited that I might actually get to use the hatchery discount, but got the time zone conversion mixed up, and didn’t jump on it soon enough before it expired. Dang it!!

Even worse, I checked on the lottery and after claiming my prizes (including the 1% dino in the VIP one, yeah!!) I bought my tickets for today but not being quite fully awake I had a brain lapse and accidentally bought the ones using DBs thinking they were the DNA ones you get on Wednesday (the prize is DNA, not the currency for buying them). AGGH!!! That would have been enough to speed up at least one 7-day tourney. :cry:

With the free speedups so curtailed, I may just end up setting an alarm since I pretty much always wake up close to that time anyway, and am wanting to start hatching out more of these 7-day monsters.

Too bad it doesnt work for Indoraptor