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Can collect goldbut when u hit 140 darts thats it

Im just want to see if there us anyone else like myself .
Why not take the cap of the 140 and let us who play allot collect as many darts as we can??

There’s a cap for coins and hard cash as well. 15,000 for coins on regular supply drops and 7,500 for special event supply drops, and 40 hard cash, then you gotta wait several hours (forget how much) until it resets again.

Then my account is messed up ive had way over 15 k. Im just dont think u understand my question, why does it have to be a limet of 140 on the darts. Why can itnot be higher?

It’s intentional within most games to have a cap on a consumable resource, which requires you to go do something in order to replenish the resource. In a mobile AR game, doubly so, since the premise of mobile AR games is to combine motion and activity with in-game actions.

From a game design perspective, having a finite limit on a resource encourages either a) more interactions with the game, and higher time-in-app as you seek resources; and/or b) encourages purchases when a user wants to (exceed the limit).