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Can community confirm stunning bug? Or deny it if I am wrong -.-


So, I have noticed, that when attacking faster opponents, after one successful stun,
the next one will never be successful. I mean, never.

I have adapted my tactics for this bug , so for example, with stegoceratops, i now always use stunning impact first, because i know i will deal more damage that way. I have noticed other players doing the same. I think that we are all aware that if we stun the opponent and the stun animation is active, we know that we won’t be able to stun him again, not even using the stun hit with 75 % chance of stunning.

Please note that this impacts only faster opponents. If you stun a slower dino, the dino misses its turn, stun animation clears and you are able o stun the dino again.

And please, prove denial of this bug with animation.


I have not noticed any bug. One thing to note though I’d that if you stun something that is faster, but on the next turn YOU are faster, or the other way around, they are still stunned because their turn has not passed so they can not be stunned again. This does not occur often though as the circumstances are quite specific.


I’ve noticed the same thing and have talked to other players who confirmed it. If you’re slower and land a stun, the stun animation doesn’t clear when the opponent skips a turn, instead since 1.4 it lasts until end of the turn he’s skipping, so you can’t stun him again.


I’m not sure exactly as I haven’t paid much attention to it but there has been some sort of change to stunning, or at least the effect of stunning.

Pre-1.4 when you stunned someone you would see the stun animation before the dino hits the opponent. You knew then that it was successful.

Post-1.4 you no longer see the pre-stun animation, however, once you have successfully stunned someone, and you carry out your next stun attack, the opponent will appear to be stunned again as it shows the animation but then is instantly not stunned.


One week ago I stunned 10 times in a row with my paramoloch, even with the basic attack of 10% chance. :wink:


Do you remember against which dino? Stigmoloch is pretty fast 0.o


Mmm sorry not, and now my paramoloch, as well as my stegoceratopo, is benched… But I will force now my husband to make a friendly battle with me with my B team XD


Or you can just borrow his phone, no need to force him :smiley: anyway, let us know the results. But remember, the dino that is being stunned has to be faster in order for this bug to appear


Noticed that faster dinos recover after stun and are able to make their move.