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Can creatures in the market affect your battles?

So, I’m making this question because I’ve noticed weird things in my opponents, and it’s that they’re way more powerful than my top 3 creatures.
This one’s from the Loyalty Points event:

This one’s from Clash of champions:

As you can see, I’m just getting into the leveled up Super Rares and lvl 40 Rares, yet they face me against lvl 20 legendaries and fully maxed common hybrids.
But why do I mention the market?
Because of this guy

I got this Spinoraptor through modded aquatic at my 20’s and I’ve been keeping him there because it will make my battles extremely difficult if I hatched it, but I noticed that he’s the only creature I have that can face those lvl 20 legendaries, so I thought it might be because of him that my fights are unbalanced. What should I do? Sell him? Hatch him? I’m hatching some Super Rares and maxing all my unlocked Rares so I’m already boosting my lineup.


Some battles are based on your top Dino’s, others are based on park level. Some are also event based.


Oh, I know that. Thing is, as seen in the pictures, my top 3 is nowhere near my opponents, and my park level is very low, considering that you get your first legendary unlock at level 50.

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Some battles are ment to be more difficult.
Stakeholders visit and Fight for Funds are 2 of the tougher ones where your opponents will typically be higher ferocity so they take some extra thinking/work.
CoT is a longer event with a pretty good unlock typically so the battles are tougher, but you get a month to unlock it and complete it. So with it you can extend it out and only do battles on days when the PVE are easier. Plus it gives you time to level your dinos up if needed to make the battles more manageable.


I think Clash of Champions is different from Clash of Titans


O crap
You’re right.
I misread it as CoT not Clash of Champions

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Clash of champions is supposed to be harder. Since it disappears at L60 it doesn’t scale up.

I remember them being hard and having to pull tricks to win. Some Dino unlocks felt the same way. I just could beat them.

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Yeah, I have a tons of legendaries in my market ready to hatch and even a few tournament creatures. my best dinos are indominus rex level 20, spinoraptor level 30, and diplosuchus level 10. In one the fight for funds, the opponent had metoposaurus level 30, proceratosaurus level 20, and dimetrocarnus level 20.

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If you are saying you are average, Your a pro. As long as you got that Spino Raptor, You are a pro.

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Your an average player like me, And I can totally agree On how hard is that…

I wouldn’t say I’m an “average” player because I’ve been on this game when they first added Indominus Rex, I’m at low level rn because I restarted my account a few weeks ago to avoid ban.
And no, having strong creatures doesn’t make a pro at all, KNOWING how to use them is what makes you a pro.


That’s nice to hear, and thanks for that “knowing how to use them” thing also helped.