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Can everything cleanse now?

It could easily just be my luck, but it feels like everything can cleanse. I can’t seem to get any status effects to stick because either

  1. It cleanses
  2. It’s resistant
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Examples? I have noticed some weird ones, like 100% DoT Resistance on Quetzorion.

They completely screwed up Tryko, indoraptor, and Tryostronix. Even sarcorixis. The list goes on.

Tryko now cleanses distract,
removes dodge and cloak, double slows the opponent to 0 speed, while dealing 1.5x dmg, then follows up with a giant DS rampage.

Indoraptor can now distract, which is often useless because it will be cleansed off with a resilient move, also slowing it, oh btw it will remove any evasive it might have.
Indoraptor can now be distracted for a quarter of its damage and btw, it lost its ability to break shields.

Tryostronix can no longer use ferocious strike. Guess what, it relies on it. 9/10 ferocious strike is the better choice over ready to crush. It’s how to beat giant tanks. It was designed to do that. It was my favourite creature.
It can now be distracted for a quarter dmg also!

Sarcorixis. They did not screw with sarcorixis, but gave it resilient strike! Making it even better! An epic hybrid with resilient strike, ferocious impact, lockdown, greater stunning strike, no escape. Guess what, evasive/cloak WAS the way to beat this one.

Erlidominus. 40% crit rate? Somehow this creature gets to have all the compensations it needs to be still awesome, while indoraptor and others were completely neglected.

I think it’s all the resilient dinos, and the ones that can cleanse DoT, not to mention all the ones that remove cloak… It’s just massively gotten out of hand.
I hope in the next update they fix some of these.