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Can grypo still win against Gemini

I just thought of this especially after the new move it was given for 1.12 does it beat grypo now

Probably not :joy::sob:. Actually, I think it might be close.

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Yeah I can’t see how Grypo can kill Mini in a matchup

Especially since Grypo won’t bother using Long Protection now.

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True but what else can it really go for :joy:

DSS and Regeneration. It’ll still be able to do a lot of damage.

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Ya but now it can do an impact and rampage grypo might not survive 4 turns or 3

The decelerating rampage + definite impact with Geminititan’s already huge damage is probably way too much for Grypolyth to handle.

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@Piere87 any comment on that match up

It should still be able to take out over half of Gemini’s health, with DSS then Regen.

How much damage does gyrpo do to Gemini with it’s counter

That depends on its max hp amount.

Actually did the math there is no way grypo can surve three hits even with regen

Sorry for the sloppy hand writing planning to be a doctor lol anyway in two hits Gemini leaves gyrpo with 100 health exactly in tow turns and Gemini with 1,000 exactly if gyrpo regens then it can’t survive a rampage but it can survive a impact so it depends what attack the opponents Gemini goes for first I think if my math is right

Scratch that it grypo barely survives with 100 attack so yes even with the new impact or too beats Gemini 100% in a one v one

I m mean basic lvl 26

Counter is 25% of its max hp and its strike does 1k. You already know people like to dump hp boosts into gem and max. So the counter gets bigger. The bigger those things get the better this rending counter will be. I still think grypo deserves a mini buff somewhere in attack stats. But idk about that.

It just need something other than imbolize maybe a certain move Gemini just got

I started using it and I love it. Mine is only lvl 25 but its squaring away with my mostly lvl 29 squad and going up against some lvl 28-30 teams.

Mine still needs to level. And it only has boosts 2/2/0. Need hp boosts and levels but its hanging in there. I didn’t drop any trophies after swapping out a higher leveled indo 1 for it.

Grypo at night is going to help me a lot.

And yeah immobilize idk about it after no escape.

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I think so too. The attack stat is pathetic.