Can have more resource pack in Map and more park?

Hello! Is possible improve the amount of resource pack into the game and have more park?

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What level are you in the game? If you are having trouble with a specific resource let the forum know and we might be able to give you some tips on what works for us on building that resource.

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Thanks! Haven’t trouble. Would like to know if is possible to increase the quantity of resource pack in map and if is possibile have more park in map… Need to request some changes in Google Maps? Have to do some action?

I’m level 12, like to have more resource pack near my house. I’m in an historic centre, have a lot of points of interest near, but not many are resource pack. We have also some green area ( park, public garden ecc…) Burt not see in game map.

I have a feeling you are thinking or Jurassic World Alive… this forum is for Jurassic World: The Game. Let me know if you are thinking of Alive and we can move this to the appropriate forum.

Yes, jurassic world alive. Sorry

I have moved this to the appropriate forum hopefully you will get the help you seek here.