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Can I Create Indoraptor

Hi, guys i need an advice, I really want create a original black indoraptor. But I am afraid, if that i do it, that made PvE (events) intense for me.
I count a ferocity my top 3 creatures, which allegedly affect the strength PvE of the opponent.
If i count correct its:

13478.2 indoraptor g2 level 10
9575 prestosuchus level 40
7077,2 supranotitan level 40

I also count indoraptor level 1 ferocity should be 9072,4, and i also count level 10 indoraptor is slightly higher, than g2, so i cant have level 10 yet, but level 1 shloud replace Supranotitan in 3rd place.
Would it affect the strength of the opponents?

Can i get black indoraptor, keeping at level 1 now? Or I should wait to supranotitan will be gradually replaced by another creature and then create indoraptor.

Here are my most strong dino.
Indoraptor g2 dont affect mine events too much, i am using him just a liitle as a last chance or when i dont have any carnivores to use.
however, it is usually not necessary to use him

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If you leave it at L1, it will be your 3rd strongest. It will raise your top 3’s average ferocity by 665.

(9072-7077)/3 = 665

I think you’ll be ok.

How hard are your PvE events right now?

Only one event became a harder with getting indoraptor g2, Its that battle for buck, but i still dont have a problem to complete it, without using indoraptor g2

If the dinos on those teams had 600 more health or 200 more attack (or some mix in between), would you still be ok?

To answer your question literally the answer is no, you do not have the ingreadiants so you can’t make an Indoraptor Gen 1, of course you could probably create the ingredients you need to fuse it but you currently don’t have them ready.

To the question you are probably really interested in which is “Should I create an Indoraptor Gen 1?” My answer is yes as it will most likely have a very small affect on your game since you have already created the first two creatures you have in your lineup. But I would not take it past level 1 until you had more support in the form of other classes and/or more of the Gen 1.

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@Timmah and @Sionsith As for the ingredients, I assume you mean that indominus? rounded 8 indominus cost 240k dna (if i dont want lost that lvls 20, 10) Battle stage 98 still waits me 7000+ is 239k, the rest will be easy,with my saved buck which i buy monthly is indoraptor question of minutes. Yeah I lost all dna, but as a vip DNA is easy grinding for me (maintly thx to VIP prize drop).

A good friend from fb me arso recommended my made monostegotops and tapejalocphalus level 20 and Ostapo level 40. And yes i will must save for Ostapo some DNA, but thats no problem for me as i already said. (diplosuchus will faster done but as i love how ostapo looks, it’s a tempting recommendation

Really ostaposaurus has a beautiful design…



very beautiful

I can’t choose a favorite between him presto and gorgo lol

me: 1. Ostapo, 2. Presto 3. Gorgo :smiley:

I also like the super koolaid :joy:

i will also max him in future

The Gen 2 should’ve been kept at lvl 1. A maxed VIP is around the same ferocity as a lvl 1 Indoraptor.