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Can i get 100 epic erlikosaurus dna?

So i was at my bathroom, when i returned and unlocked my phone there was an epic erlikosaurus(i used giga scent), which i wanted to upgrade, but when i sent the drone, the game bugged throwed me back to the map, the dinos refreshed and the erlikosaurus gone

You’ll be out of luck. Just forget about it and move on.

well yes, but it’s still annoying. Anyone else have this bug when unlocking the phone screen?

It’s not a bug though I don’t think.

You stated you were using a giga scent which spawns creatures every 2 minutes. If you happen to send a drone at that exact moment the 2 minutes is up then it will remove it and send you back to the map. The only time it doesn’t do that is when you are actively in the middle of darting it.

No bug here, nothing to do with unlocking phone screen, just unfortunate timing.


Yeah that’s true

Idk if its the same bug, but sometimes when I click on a dino and press the drone button to dart it, the screen loads and takes me back to map and sometimes in that time the scent ticks over and its gone. It happens some times between switching tabs of like collection/battle etc. Very annoying when you miss epics like this

Yes i think it’s the same bug. Sometimes the drone loads, but the colors changing as you start shooting, and you back to the map

It’s not a bug though, you happen to just tap on it as the 2 minute scent past which is why it sent you back to the map and the dinos refreshed because the dinos change every 2 minutes.

No bug just unfortunate timing, which is why you are better off just forgetting it happen and moved on. There’s nothing for support to help here with.

My problem doesn’t happen like that tho. Sometimes I press and it backs out and it’s still there so I have to back and do it again and it works, so it’s not just 2 mins ticking over, and as such sometimes it CAUSES it to change because the bug wastes like 10-20 seconds

@Ned some people are experiencing a glitch that happens it is were you click on a creature during a scent but it does the loading to the darting but sends you to the map again

Hey there Din0.dude, if you are continuously experiencing this issue, could you please reach out to our support team at with your support key and device information, so our team can take a closer look at this?