Can I get a hug?


Was ranked 188th, so I think may able to proceed a bit further.
Here I am, out of 500 :disappointed_relieved:. I have encountered all the mighties I can ever encounter in this game


I was at 38XX yesterday morning and I’ve gone down nearly 300 since then. I’m baffled. Sending hugs!


This is a hug for you all! Keep going ahead improving your dinos, not being discouraged! It just take time to climb but no worry!

Ps some people are dropping arena to get a chance to have some particular dino so no problem if you are not able to climb faster, but always keep your 4 incubators slot full and keep open them, cause there are some great dna also in the lower arena.

Happy hunting and happy fighting!


I don’t really care about the tourney at all, but I have won 2 battles total since yesterday morning, meaning I’ve only got 2 incubators. Can’t really open what I’m not getting. I wish tourneys were optional.


Hugs to all…
Just so glad it’s over.
It went from fun to waayyy tooooo stressful.
I’m looking forward to fun battling again. If I lose too many now it just means I’ll win more later, without the leaderboard threateningly lurking over me.