Can I get an immunity description


A Trex just broke the shield of my Anklocodon. Are Trexs the exception to immunity? Can specific abilities bypass immunity like nullifying?


Immunity prevents changes in base Stats and status.
Shield adds to the base stats, shield break removes that additional stat, but does not change the base stats. Immunity does not apply.

DOT, Slow, Stun, Damage reduction, those are blocked by immunity.

Buffs and de-buffs are not.

Ankylocodon was broken in the last update when they tweaked some code and it allowed immune dinosaurs with shields (ankylocodon was the only one) to not allow the shield to be broken. Before the previous patch it worked as it does now, then it was broken, now its fixed.


Defense Shattering Tweak
Defense Shattering will work even against creatures that are Immune, for the purpose of removing their Shields and bypassing Armor. This mainly affects the Ankylocodon. [quoted directly from Ludia moderator from the update 1.4 thread]

See the following thread’s original post for more details…


That clears that up. Thanks