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Can i get back to level 20 from level 21?


I accidentally evolved erlikosaurus from level 20 to level 21.
I actually wanted to use that dna for the erlidominus.
Is there a way getting the dna back??

Please help!!


Nope. Hate to say it but that DNA is lost.

Ludia refuses to put in an evolve confirmation button.


You need to be more careful. There is no going back now. It’s too late.


My condolences. Most of us have been there, with something (mine was Nodopat) you won’t do it again.


I was playing shadowverse the other day… was redeming a ticket for a free pack of cards the ticket is only good for one particular set and i still had to hit a confirmation like two times to confirm i was using 1 ticket for 1 pack… and i got agitated for a second… then i thought of this game.

And thanked the shadowverse developers from my kitchen. Then you have Ludia who hopes we pocket evolve dinos so they can sell more coins.


I think there should also be a confirmation button after the retry button of the strike tower is pressed. I accidentally lost 200 hard cash by pressing it.

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Dennis_Lo@ you are right, there should be confirmantion button. It would be helpful


@Dennis_Lo ,you are right! There should be a confirmation button, it would be helpful.


My accidental levellings were posti and pyroraptor…the former hurt like hell :sweat:


Accidental levelling up is better than accidental retry in strike towers, especially in those Trio L30 towers.
At least you can use the levelled dinos in battles.


Oh what a perfect world that would be…


Not til my pyro is lvl16 and team is lvl25 :sweat_smile:


Whether the upgrade can increase the prompt button
too many 20 levels of mis-occurrence to level 21


My finger developed a condition, getting my Suchotator to level 30, without a confirm button… Had I had to hit confirm every time I wanted to fuse, I would probably have had it amputated…


A “Fuse all DNA” button followed by the confirmation button may solve this.

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I know your pain @Anthony_Papadopoulos - just need the confirm on the level up, not the fuses. My L16 Kentro will forever be a monument to the need for this :sob:

As for the fuse all button I must be in the minority - I like fusing and seeing what you get - a one hit fuse all would be a bit … anti-climatic :man_shrugging:


Ludia will never put a confirm button in for accidentally purchased items or evolved items as it doesn’t benefit them.

No matter that most of the community has asked for this.


There are a LOT of actions that would benefit from a confirmation screen in this game.