Can I get pointed to the right direction

My Aunt has bin play a ton since release, and loving every minute. She got a new phone for Christmas. And she never linked her account to Facebook. She no longer has the old phone. What can be done?? Is there anyone who can link her account to her Facebook, so she play it on her new phone.

Did she make a gamecentre account? If not i dont think there is a way. My brother lost his account completely because he didnt link it to either.

No that’s the problem I’m hoping someone can do some magic. I’m hoping someone from Ludia can link her account to face book. Or if there’s other options… I have her profile Name and #

She is really crushed, I even offered to buy her incubators, she wants hers… I’m willing to pay for a solution.

I would not post your support key on a public board, my friend.


Put in a support ticket with Ludia, explain the situation, and include your aunt’s screen name and player/account number. Support key would be better, but account name might be sufficient.

To file a support ticket (using a PC), scroll to the top of the JWA forum and click “Support.” Then click the orange “Contact Us” tab and fill out the required fields.

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Why do people play as guest? Its astonishing why u would think thats a good idea.

That being said her account name and number wont do anything. If u dont have a support key ur dead in the water bud. Hate to tell ya. But its either restart or quit playing. Unfortunately

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OK, Thanks we’ll try

Not Guest Account, she just never back up. ^ read

If its not linked thats effectively the exact same as guest.

If ur not linked to google game center or Facebook, that means u have no linked or backed up account, which is playing as a guest