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Can I get some ideas about improving my lineup and spending my DNA?

What should I spend my DNA on? I accumulated a lot of DNA and I really don’t know what to spend them on. I just keep mindlessly save :D. (I purchased an another Brachiosaurus today).

Also can you rate my lineup?

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Do you have the components for carnoraptor and tapejalo?

Over time you inevitably build depth which you definitely need. Just keep that hatchery running full steam. You probably have a bunch of legendaries to hatch to start chipping away at that.

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maxed out your unlock creature and make all their hybrid
or make a 2 mre level 10 indo, 1 more level 30 ophicia, one more level 20 spino and maxed out all the legend and then jump at level 20 indominus rex ferocity, also stegoceratops, ankylodocus would be really good

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Thanks for the advice! I’m planning to reach the next ferocity stage after getting a few level 20 VIP’s. And I still need 7 more Stegosauruses for the Stegoceratops :/. Supposedly a common prize in rare events, right!

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I have a lot of them. About 20 actually. They just keep coming to me and take forever to hatch I just can’t clear out them. And I will make the Tapejalosaurus after the tournament.

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Fuse your diaotator and make diplosuchus, they are pretty handy and cheap in sdna.

Also I would invest in tapeja like all other folks said.


If u wanna use some of ur dna then trade them for food
U might need food more than dna now so that u could buy dinos and feed and evolve them
This is the best Idea I can give u

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I fused them right after posting the picture actually :D. Thought that I need a strong amphibian among my top creatures. Since I have a pterosaur, a herbivore and numerous carnivores but no amphibian. Wasn’t intented to make Diplosuchus soon since I need 500 more Sarcosuchus DNA.

Diplotator is about 70 ferocity higher than my Ophiacomimus right now. Will this unbalance my lineup?

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very little you won’t even notice…

if you want a strong amphibian excellent cheap and fast hatching and own a hybrid…
its Microposaur


Unfortunately I haven’t unlocked it yet.

Apatosaurus fossils works fine now since I don’t deal with level 40 legendaries for now.