Can I get suggestions for my team?

This is my current team after Restarted playing a couple months ago.

All of them are essentially unboosted, except for a few points in the three cunning’s to get them to match normal speedster speed in the Ruins. I don’t have a lot of coin(30k…ish) but I can grind them. But I’m really confused on how to move forward without over leveling. Any suggestions?

Also I ask you to leave suchotator alone, I keep him for sentimental value

You should probably ditch Gigaspika for Mammotherium.


Boring advice: Wait for patch 2.3 release notes. Probably coming soon.

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Like @Qaw said. Swap Mammo for Giga but other than that your team seems pretty solid. Just keep leveling your team up :wink:

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Giga’s that bad huh? I guess I’ll kick him

do u know how to boost a gemeni. i just got it like a week ago.

keep leveling alloratpor. ditch suchotator and go for thyla or ditch phoru and go for thyla, sucho is still pretty good. phoru isn’t as good as it used to be. level up indy cuz its hybrids indo is easy to make, but if you speed and attack boost indy, she will be your worst nightmare. min has 127 speed and 1964 attack. don’t really recomend it, shes just my favorite creature. Keep levling indy and allosino to 20 tho.

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Unfortunately not, I only use boosts for raids.

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Boost it on health and damage (mostly this one), some top players boost her on speed (just dont make a nitro Gemini)

ah ok, i have 15 hp boosts on her right now, should i put like 5 more hp and the rest attack

15 on hp is enough, you can put the rest on attack

ok, ya cuz she has like 6000 hp at 21, crazy

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