Can i help your clan

looking for an active clan i play daily (a lot) and have tonnes of spare dna to donate thanks Andy (dinodaddy)

Hi there, DPG UK OFFICIAL are looking for new members. We are currently getting 8/7 in the incubators. We do require members to join Facebook or discord. If that sounds like a fit, let me know your username and number and I will invite you.


RaptorRedemption (ingame written like this or you’ll find an 8 person Inactive alliance :wink: ) always welcomes active players. Not many rules except you’re active 4 out of 7 days, participate the weekend tournaments and 0 trophies or no progression isn’t an option. We’re generous in donations and for the harder to find creatures we use the sancs. We have discord but it’s not mandatory unless you’re promoted officer. We manage 8-7 sometimes 9-8 nevertheless. If you’d like to join just send a request ingame.


hi thanks for reply i dont use discord or facebook as my account got hacked and caused so many headaches trying to get it reinstated good luck and thank you

Well as I wrote it’s not mandatory but that’s and have a good one :wink: