Can I link to facebook and apple id?

I got a new ipad.

I wanted to play on both. So, I bit the bullet and created a facebook account. Linked it and I’m playing on both. Yay.

Than facebook decided it wanted a phone number and photo and told me I couldn’t log in while they are reviewing it. (Searches on the internets make this look like a possible black hole/never coming back.)

Back to only one ipad.

Can I link my game to apple id and use that too? Do I have to remove the link from facebook first? (I think I have to email support for this and want to avoid bothering them if it isn’t needed.)

I don’t see anything about linking to or logging in with apple id on the original ipad. Just visitor and facebook login.


Hey Timmah, there might be some information on our FAQ here that can help:

However, I would recommend reaching out to our support team as they would be able to better assist you with account-related transfers/links.

Our team can be reached through email at Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.


After somehow linking it wrong, I sent an email to support.