Can I make it


This is my team

This is where I am

Can I make the push to 4000?
If not with this team who should I change out?


I would say your team is borderline, but have a chance if you play it right. The problem is you need to win about 30 fights in the next 22 hours . . . . . .


I would say no. Your team is definitely better than 3,100. But i dont think its good enough yet for 4,000. if you still wanted to give it a try at any cost before the tournament ends, you might needed to upgrade your Velo as high as possible. Which isnt such a good idea in the long-run, because if you get better dinos, you rather need the Velo DNA and the coins for Indominus Rex.


I say no. I’m level 11 and I’m 3042 if I’m not mistaken. I have most dinosaurs of your team in a lower level, and I’m sure I have no chance of winning the tournament unless I spend some hard cash. Something I will never do if the prices of incubators or the amount of coins you get don’t change


I looked at some of my friends who are around 3800 to 3900s. Their team profile is about the same as Bob_janse_jr. He may have a chance if he is a good player . . . . Just that he need to NET win 30 games in the next 22 hours (60 games if he loose 30 along the way). That’s more a challenge . . . . .


Well I’m trying wishing me luck


Good luck my frd . . . … .