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Can i make some legendary hybrids at the level of 58 or any superhybrids.......cuz I'm really rushing to lv 60 to unlock the clash of titans event!

I don’t have tapejalosarus …since i don’t have monolophosaurus unlocked :cry:

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Mono is in the unlock rotation so next time they have a rare week you should be able to get it if it is a level 35+ unlock


Ok i see. …
Thanks a lot for telling :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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But you could leave her at L1 and she’d be fine.

Overall it looks like you need to beef up your lineup. Shoot for L40 Legendaries and then start working for hybrids. A lot of the legendary hybrids L1-L10 are weaker than L40 legendaries, but they require a lot of DNA to get to, and you want to make sure that your lineup is fine regardless of the hybrids.

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Ok I’ll do it
Btw I’m maxing my trex and itchy currently…to pair up with my diplotator

If I remember correctly a lvl 1 would be above Suchomimus