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Can I open pics later?

Okay, so sometimes, I don’t have the gems (I really wish the 6 hour wait gave more than 15) so I try to wait it out for conversation choices. If I unblur pics later, will the relationship meter still go up? Has anybody tried this? Lol

I dont think unblur the pic up the meter. Or i did’t notice :thinking:

I don’t think it’s the picture so much as it is the reaction? I’m not sure either now haha

Yeah, I’ve scrolled back to where the blurred pic shows in the story, to unblur it, and it raises the meter. I’ve never tried just within the gallery (tbh I was paranoid it wouldn’t work/wanted to re-read the convo :sweat_smile:)

That’s awesome to know. I’ll keep that in my back pocket. I was freaking out because gems are hard enough to get without wasting them