Can I play On a plane?

As the tittle says can I play while on a plane (using wifi obviously)?

I don’t know if the game would update fast enough. I’ve noticed that at times is can’t keep up with highway speeds.

I guess the bigger question is if it does keep up, would it be over a speed limit that would trigger a flag?

I think it is really not useful to play in a plane seen at the speed at which he goes and see the road borrow I think it is really not possible to play the game

Flying creatures can’t reach airplane altitudes, so there would be nothing to dart! :smile:

Not a chance, unless the plane is on the runway :wink:

You won’t be able to dart or spin supply drops but I’m guessing you can still fuse, pvp, and make purchases.

But just to be on the safe side in case of glitches and bugs, I would say don’t try it.

might high chances find Alanqa on air