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Can I re-allocate my boosts please?

I had confidence that you developers would see just how broken select dinos were with boosts, and had expected y’all to do something about this.

Since thats obviously not the case, (very dissapointed with our devs right now) I would very much like to re-allocate my boosts into Thor and Draco so I can win a match once in awhile like everyone else.

Why should the exploiters be the only people allowed to re-allocate today? How is that fair or make any sense?


Dont worry they’ll put boosts back in the store soon so we can give them even more money. Click, buy, win!


Agreed. I’m willing to pay to free up boosts I regret spending. I don’t even use Tenontorex or Diorajasaur anymore. Would rather have a balanced team than 1 mega boosted Indo.

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Just cheat, and then reap the Ludia sanctioned benefits!!


I also would like to reset my boost like the exploiters can.


where they told about boosts re-allocation? i understood ludia gave them back only green game cash spent. maybe i misunderstood.

They got cash for any extra boosts the bought. The calculated max the could have gotten legitimately is going to be rolled back and they can redistribute them

Yep I was naive when they did the mass rollback of boosts that one time and spread my boosts around to my whole team. So of course Thors and Dracos are crushing me endlessly. Used to be at 5100 trophies now I’m lucky to hit 4800


I’ve come across three insanely boosted Tagodistis this evening, at levels 28, 29 and 30. All had 142 speed, and opened the battle. Obviously I drew no chompers in my team, but even if I did, those things are monsters at that speed. There won’t be an option to redistribute stats, but if there was, I’d make my own super tank


Been battling - and losing to - th socalled “.01%” all day. It’s painfully obvious that they took advantage of the rollback to buff their op dinos to ridiculous levels. Getting my level 29 and 30 dinos stomped by dinos 4 and 5 levels lower that out-speed me and have thousands more hp is not fun.