Can i see someones top 500 deck


… without a unique please? Everytime i hit 4300 i get smashed with indorapter after indorapter (or soloed by a lvl 27 stegodeus).

Looking for pointers.



At a certain point in the rankings, you’ll hit the indoraptor wall. It’s such a game-changing dino that it’s really a must own once you get in the upper tier. I only have one unique (currently ranked 49 in the top 500) but it’s indoraptor. I was lucky to get him above level 21 as I just don’t play at night enough to get all the raptor dna necessary to level him, and even I get wiped pretty often. Been fortunate to get my stegodeus to 27 however, and at this point if I don’t roll Stegodeus on my team, it’s very likely I’ll lose the game as all my other dinos are about 20-21 range in level.


My team before I got the indoraptor, which was about a week ago. I’d occasionally swap out the spinotasuchus for the gorgosuchus. A high leveled gorgo can one shot a lot of dinos.

My team as of now. Surprisingly I don’t like to have an indo or indom as my starter 4.


mine’s the same except i use erlidominus and rajakylosaurus instead of tryostronix and diloranosaurs. i’m about #150.


Hmm, ok ty. I might just be stuck with where im at right now:

Any feedback? Monostego is too low (wish id gone the other one) it seems.


i’d rather have a 16 monostego than a 16 paramoloch.

maybe switch out utasino and paramoloch for 2 of the first 3 on your bench.


Yeah same get that paramoloch out it’s crap :sweat_smile:


You’d be better with your stegoceratops, just cause they’re legendary doesn’t always mean they’re better


Biggest problem with the game is you grind your behind to get the legendary just to find out it stinks :mask: in battle! And others kick behind and every one cries to get it nerfed!

I still remember a certain young lady so happy to finally get her paramoloch! I wanted Monomimus so badly but with my luck by the time I get it it will either get nerfed or other dinosaurs will end up with counters for it!

Sei la vie :joy:


Man that 24 stegodeus is hell to deal with!


Haha did we battle? I forget to look at names :slight_smile:


Actually no but level 22 give me trouble so I figure 24 is much worse :wink::wink:. Luckily I think 22 is the highest I have faced mine is 19 so it only gives trouble to lower rank players not ones 3-400 more than me!


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because everybody loves Heather


…That’s why :kissing_heart:


i’m gonna need you to earn your own likes from now on. if everyone just piggy-packed off my brilliance, the artificial inflation of likes would be out of control.


Just right now, i think i dont battle more until tournament end, indoraptor is trash in that lvl where everybody have 3 uniques minimun well leveled and 28-30 wtegodeus, i will replace soon stegoceratops or tragodistis for elridominus, and one of those two for monominus when i have it at lvl 23 at least xd, so much work to do and no coins haha


im like #160 and thinking of stopping too. one loss moves you back a lot and one win doesn’t move you up much.


That deserved another like.


Was 4800 but well…spoofers came out to ruin my day :joy: