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Can I stay in dominator league with these dino?

My best dino is mastodon and im planning to stay in predator league.

Is that lv 10 IREX your best? No you absolutely can’t, there is no way. Sorry to let you down. No matter how good of a fighter you are. in the end of the tornament, you will be facing opponents with the equivalent of 3 lv 20 IREXs even at the lower end of the dominator.

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Just to give you an idea, I have 2 lv 10 indoraptors, 1 lv 20 Yudon, around 10 lv 20 solid gold creatures and I will finish around the lower 25% of the dominator league. Also my winrate for multiplayer matches is 95% consider that.

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Like @Andy_wan_kenobi be prepared for a lot of losses but I have heard from folks that have done it with less.


It is worth a try, but you don’t have very much depth. Good luck.

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Are you going to…

…securely finish in Dominator with a comfortable margin? Not going to happen.

…constantly fall back to Predator and climb up to Dominator, and with luck, finish in the last spots of Dominator? That’s realistic. We just don’t know yet whether you’re gonna be in the Predator stage or Dominator stage when the tournament ends. If this is gonna be like the Smilodon tournament, you have a chance, but if the competition gets fierce, you’re not gonna finish in Dominator.


Well,very well yes,you can,get there,fuse the Eudimorphodons. Same applies to Pteranodons. I think you won a match in Predator and that victory took you to Dominator.


I agree with @Agantas that you have no chance to stay for a long time at dominator league. Yes, with your top creatures you could win some battles, but they won’t be enough. So the best you can do is to stay as higher as you can at the predator league and the last hours of the tournament to give it all you can, maybe paying some DBs at cooldowns . Don’t give up!


I think that with his best stuff,he can do some stuff,not secure a spot in dominator but can definitely finish in it,all he has to do is , keep Pushing as soon as his creatures are ready every few hours.( and win the battles of course,hard but possible)

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I made it, I got mosasaur gene 2




Thank you =)

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Congrats,I made it into Predator as well. The slow pace of the tournament helped both of us,what is your level?i am level 35.

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I am 61 level

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Congrats on succeeding!! I expect the length of the tournament but only needing the same number of trophies as a 3-day tournament helped you a lot! A good reason why it’s always worth trying until the very end.


Same made it into Predator. The thing is, got 2 Ostafrikasauruses and accidently sped one up, wasting 500 bucks. Wish Ludia had a confirm button…


I am level 35,so predator is a big deal for me,I got 2 Suchomimus

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Yeah that’s one of those things that clearly would benefit players, but in a freemium game, they like players accidentally spending lots of DBs they didn’t mean to, to the point that they seem to do things specifically to trick us (adding the extra wheel spins for DBs that looked exactly like the free ones for instance, which was a fairly recent thing they started doing)… we’ve all been there before.

I don’t know about Dominator, but i DO know that i got away (multiple times) with Lvl 15-20 Commons in the lower (Hatchling, Prey, sometimes even Hunter) Leagues.
I hope I’m not necro-posting :wink:.

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LOL good heavens no, 3 days is certainly not too long to go without posting on a thread!