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Can i stop being matched against lvl 25-28 players with my measly lvl 18-21 dinos

i get that skill allows someone to raise the ranks amongst others of the same level but this “RNG matchmaking” is getting ridicules i’ve fought at least 2 lvl 25 DC doing 3k + damage just today alone. i have like 2 dinos that they can’t just 1 hit at full health. on top of the fact that most the people im fighting have lvl 25 + dinos. its not like i’m the only person with level 20s just under 4k trophies. it’s starting to feel like i’m intentionally being placed against people that i have no chance of beating. id like to get some battle incubators at some point lol

I hear you, battling should be against your peers, those are not your peers. Matchmaking is a disaster right now.

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I kind of feel sorry for people who actually spent real money on this game. Kind of.

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