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Can I update the in-game map?


How can i update my map

So couple weeks ago there’s a supply drop now it disappear.also there is a river near my house the game sometimes didn’t make it viseble.


What do you want to update about your map?
If its glitchy, reload the game.
If its laggy, try to look at your wifi.



Clear your phone’s cache.

It will reload a new map.

Exit app, clear cache, restart app.

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I have a supply drop near my house that has been disappearing and reappearing randomly for weeks. Would love to know how I can make it stay, lol.


Hey Wening_Wahyuningsih, there are some troubleshooting on our FAQ here that could help with your in-game map not showing certain parts of the map:

Also, it is possible for Supply Drops to move around and change locations, which would explain why one of the Supply Drop you saw earlier is gone. I hope that cleared things up.

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