Can I win?

Most of you know how I love and still wait for Allonogmius, but I am afraid i am weak for dominator. Do you think I can win?


I would say if you do about 4 or 5 runs you can prob get it. Good luck!


You could but I’d evolve some of those VIPs to lvl 20

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Adding to what @Jahq says, you need to evolve those level 10 vips to level 20 at least.

In bracketed aquatic tournaments level 10 vips are about as useful as level 1 fodders. Youl be facing alot of creatures that will be able to one shot your level 10 vips from hunter league and up.

The main thing that helped me win in my first aquatic tourney was using teams of surface, cave, surface or reef, surface, reef or cave, reef, cave. Your first creature being a tank and the next 2 creatures being balanced/cannons. When using this method you will always have backup with class advantage.


I’d also put that dunkleosaurus to lvl 8

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So guys, @Aether_12 @Jahq how i am with absolutely weak team for tournamens…

We never said u couldn’t do it we just gave u some helpful suggestions

I know you dont said but I was the one, who dont believe very much I can. :smiley:

  • I really cant creatures level up bec this count is good enough for two aquatic events on Tuesday
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Oh ok gotcha

Thank you guys for you cheer me up