Can Indominus’ Cloak be removed?


By immune creatures or nullifying impacts?

Hard to tell because of the 50% but does anyone know for sure at this latest update?


I just answered my own question with the immune creatures as dodged an immune creature hit 100% :tipping_hand_woman:t3:‍♀️

How about nullifying though anyone?


Nullify removes any creature’s buffs including cloak or dodge.


Yes, the nullifying attacks work for it. I put Koolasuchus Gen 2 on my team specifically to counter I-Rex.


Thaaaank Yooooooou :slight_smile:


Koolasuchus gen 2 ,koolasuchus(epic) or suchotator are good options agaist indorex
Anything with shield is also good if theres no dinos with the ability to remove cloak


Actually the move Nullify will remove the Cloak but there’s another way to counter it. If your opponent brings out I-Rex, you immediately switch to those that has shields like Tragodistis or Stegodeus & put up those shields once the opponent cloaks.