Can Inostherium please be Fierce+Cunning

Lot’s of people are going to look at this and say this is a weird topic. Why do you care about Inostherium? Well it’s fun to use in raids and I don’t know anyone who uses it in PVP, so technically this would be a nerf for it in PVP, but in raids would help a lot. No one in their right mind can tell me they legitimately use Revenge Impact on Inostherium, unless you’re finishing something off, which Inostherium really is never used for that anyway. It’d be a lot cooler if that revenge impact was replaced with something like Group Defense Shattering Strike(Which it’s ingredient, Archaeotherium, has).

Yes this is a weird topic, no one asked for it, no one wanted it(except me, maybe some others like this idea), but like it would be a lot more of a satisfying raid creature if it had that move. Does anyone even use Inostherium legit in PVP anyway, or does anyone even use the Revenge Impact move legit? Maybe it could even be revenge defense shattering strike, where it does 1.5x on revenge, but I’m asking for a little too much so I’ll stick to defense shattering strike. I’d like to know if there is anyone out there who actually uses Revenge Impact legitimately, because I find myself always needing to use the other 3 moves, but never needing Revenge Impact. So this would just be a bit cooler if it had that. Might make Hadros raiding slightly easier too.


If it means more crazy raid videos, sure :smirk: :upside_down_face:


Gorgotrebax :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I think I found the easiest strat for it, but it would be made even easier with that move lol.

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looking forward to seeing you beat it w some more level 1 commons lol


Totally going to go 4 for 4 lol.

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Heh heh. Only for Ceramagnus, but it’s essential there, at least for the strat we use.
Just make it Group Shattering Impact, that way there’s no issues.


What about revenge group shattering impact lol. Gsi normally, gsr or gsi with no cooldown on revenge. This keeps a bit of his revenge kill viability in early game

I like it as a part fierce. But if it is going to go that route, should it lose full immunity to Distraction? It could gain full DoT immunity, swap prevention resistance, or stun resistance/immunity in exchange.

I would say he gain decel immunity for that. If he’s more fierce it should be decel, if more cunning(like in the above rework) then it should be distraction immunity

I was just thinking stun would be perfect, since it’s common in cunnings already, and Archaeotherium has stun immunity itself.

Idk why cunning’s have that considering it’s mostly a resilient trait. Maybe it could have both :thinking:

If it loses distraction it should have decel immunity and atleast a resistance to stun

Idk either, but if you look at the stun resistances they’re kind of all over the place. There actually is a benefit for cunnings though. Since they usually start faster than resilients, if they get stunned the resilient can attack again with a slowing attack to gain priority, and then attack again with that priority. So if a cunning gets stunned, the resilient gets to attack three times in a row (counting the stunning attack)! I’m guessing they gave some cunnings stun immunity to prevent this from happening, even though it kinda goes against the class triangle.

As for Inostherium, I would do 50% DoT resistance, 50% distraction resistance, and 100% stun resistance. It rightfully keeps some resistance to distraction from Inostrancevia. If it had distraction resistance and deceleration immunity, we would just have another Monolometerodon on our hands.

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Nah. It’s HP and multipliers are nowhere near as good as Monolometrodon’s.


Lol that’s fair. I just think the resistances I suggested fit better than deceleration immunity for it anyway.

Oh hell no. You clearly have never used Inostherium in raids.


Totally agree, one of the awesome things about it is that it has that cunning move.

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download - 2020-12-13T092451.979
This is mine making all its hybrid power

Noooooooooooo, guys I said remove Revenge Impact because it is basically the most useless move on Inostheirum, Group Distraction is actually a good move, never remove it.