Can Ludia confirm what counts as "one turn"?

I feel like this is something that needs to be looked into, and perhaps given an official response. Turns in this game seem to vary in what they actually are.

I mean, from my own personal experience:

Quetzorion: Long Invincibility
Erlidom: Strike & Run
New dino: Appears
Shield vanishes
This scenario suggests that the move is two (2) turns long.

Swap in to a new dino
Erlidom: Strike & Run
Monostego: Attacks & stuns
New dino: Stunned for next turn
This scenario suggests that the move is one (1) turn long, since swapping in to Monostego normally would only stop the dino from attacking that turn, but this time it acknowledges that the swap in happened from the previous turn thus making it one big long chain. If the game considers a turn to be “when a dino moves”, then surely the shield from the above situation should count since the swap in dino didn’t actually make a move?

Then we have counter attacks, which don’t seem to be counted as a turn. For example, if you distract a dino that uses ID on the second distraction turn, the distraction fades off before the counter attack, because the game counts the ID as an entire turn somehow. Shouldn’t it mean that the distraction ends at the end of the turn, rather than based on when ID is used?


Pls mods tell the team cause ya this is confusing and needs a clear explanation

Had a Quetz shield block 3 attacks yesterday, cost me a win. I’ve also recently had an opponent use dig in and I used swoop, he attacked 1st next turn and the shield stayed up. I feel like they messed something up

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This cost me a game so I thought I’d distract this purra but it only distracts the initial attack and not the counter, so it the counter a turn or no if by that logic I tryko should get over distracting impact with one attack and a counter since “a turn”

Each move or action performed by a dino is a turn. Just like using any other move is a turn, the act of using Instant Distraction is a turn.
Counter-attacks aren’t actions (hence the name passive ability).

From your post, here’s what I understood:
You swapped to a new dino, then the opponent used Strike-and-run into Monostego, and your creature was stunned for 1 turn.
If the opponent had swapped manually to Monostego, it would have made no difference to your dino.

In this particular case, the amount of turns Strike-and-run counts as is irrelevant. All that matters is that you moved first, and were stunned after your move, so you were stunned for a turn. It’s the same as if you had swapped into a stunning move, or if you hadn’t swapped at all, but had moved before being stunned.

Turns move differently for both teams, they aren’t some collective group of actions by both of them. One move/action by one dino is a turn. That definition fits every single scenario I’ve come across so far. Certain things like swaps and deaths count as actions too.

A turn is a move/action made by any dino. I don’t know exactly what the situation you’re describing is, so I can’t explain specifically, but counter-attacks aren’t a part of turns, they’re outside of them, since they’re passive abilities.

If you distract a dino for 2 turns, any counter attacks between the time it was distracted and the 2nd move it makes will also be distracted. Any moves/counters after that won’t be.

Same happened for me but with titanoboa gen 2 not long after it was added into the game.

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I clearly noticed this with strike with titantoboa g2. somehow shield stayed up for one more turn.