Can Ludia go even worse?


First I downloaded this game, I was so existed! I told everybody that it was better then Pokemons, thought JW was still so young. I suggested it to many friends of mine and they loved this game. I had many suggestions that I brought to this forum.

Now I’m totally disappointed. Support doesn’t answer. Nobody cares about indoraptor glitch, free cash rewards don’t work well and they closed opportunity to write support requests.

This game is totally made to drain money from players, but players are not satisfied anymore and nobody cares.

I’ve changed my rating for this game at Google.Play from 5* to 1*. If you also have claims and nobody listen to you, just go to app page and take away their stars down.


I agree I even made my own post about this but the forum filter took it down


I just typed a complaining article here, and system said it must temporarily hidden and reviewed by admin.

Wow, thanks a lot, Ludia.
Even never reply our report lol.