Can Ludia please clarify?


What is the reasoning for letting spoofers not just battle in the tournament, but actually affect the trophies of honest (or self reporting) players. It is completely unfair. Period. Since my reset (I self reported and took my reset) I have been busting my butt to legitimately get back to a good team. Now I am doing pretty good in the tourney and lose standings against players who are not allowed to have a standing in the tourney. You guys should have an entry that explains all of this clearly for all of us paying players.

You owe us that much. A little clarity would end a lot of angry forum posts.


How is self reporting honest? the unfair and complete disregard for rules were committed in the first place… BAN THEM ALL. Mac addresses, ip addresses accounts and creditcard numbers. Society needs to stop giving parcticpation trophies to individuals who chose to feel entitled.


So, I just beat a non-placing spoofer and my trophy count did not go up… will keep an eye out to see if they have now changed it so my count will not go down with a loss, either.


Nope, just lost about 40 places in the rankings losing to a 0 trophy, level 26 trykosaurus (who by the way had critical hits 90% of the time).

Ludia - your silence is deafening.


Ive been running into alot of this. Not to mention 4 stuns in a row in a battle. I use my stunner im extremely lucky to get 1 off extremely lucky