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Can Ludia REALLY claim that titanoboa is in the game?

I mean, it’s not… so should they really say it is?


It’s in the game. It’s in the coding. It will appear in some way soon enough.

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yep. one event then we are on our own to get the dna. :upside_down_face:
I’ll be FIPing the thing. judging by the small image from the field guide, spinoconstrictor is gonna look like a zombie and i want it.


So are crit and armor boosts… are they in the game?


Technically yes. The difference is that we know that Titanoboa will be released to us.

Got mine! Found on in the wild & got the rest from some of the new campaign battles (set 5. Prowess).

The epic, not the rare.

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So over these exclusives. If I wasn’t so anal about completing my dex I wouldn’t even bother. I’ve wasted so many items and days on these dumb animals.


Forgot to mention I’m not using any of them either. I don’t care if they’re great fighters or a strong defense squad. I simply think they look stupid. The pig hybrid looks alright but I won’t use it either.

i know people have been asking for super hybrids of older creatures for a while, but i just wanna throw this out there as a normal hybrid.

i find her dumb looking, but in an almost cute kinda way.



Serpent Tryostronix :eyes:

Other than a combat system I can’t get my head around, one reason I gave up on JW:tG was how cartoony their dinosaurs look. At least with JWA the animals have a more realistic appearance.

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Lol you sure about that? :see_no_evil::wink:

What’s the point of generation 2 titanoboa if we don’t have generation 1? Of course it is in the game, it’s just sanc exclusive unfortunately.

Neither is Diplodocus. Just because some people have DNA of it already doesn’t really make it any different from boa at this moment. But who cares, learn some patience. Is there really nothing else you can think of to do in the game?
Enough with the complain topics already.


For the record, I’m also salty about how much Diplodocus FIPing I have to do in the upcoming weeks, but that’s another matter. My Dinodex is gonna take forever to complete five creatures.
The grind, I guess, is my primary complaint.

I agree its a grey area. But it is in the code, and the icons are up, so it should be imminent. I’d far prefer they make everything catchable as soon as there was an update, but lets see what next weeks creatures are.

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If the datamine is correct (and it normally is) no snake in next week’s event

Hmmmm. That’s disappointing. They shouldn’t really stick something in the game without making it gettable. I’m only after the 3 epic boa ones for the dinodex. Ah well.

Where do we see the datamines? I’ve missed them on here.