Can moderators clarify one time offers

If I am at 4500 trophies and automatically skip to Aviary will I get the 2 one time offers after 1.5 as now 4500 is Ruins?

Someone asked the same question,and got the answer that is nothing that they can do.So the best solution is before the update goes Live you should drop down a little.

Arena level up offer is abysmal when compared to one time level up offers. I doubt if many people will buy these.

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I agree @guarou 100%

Arena level ups are an absolute waste.
Go with the player level up OTO instead

Yeah I messaged them and they said they can’t back track it. Only option is to drop trophies so that’s what I did. Went from 4900 to 3900

I’m level 20 max and the last one glitch so I didn’t get it!

Ohh no!!
That actually happened to me once …

Every now and then they’re have promotions that will offer the same coins/cash as OTO deals but the incubator will be themed…
I got the T. rex/fierce one a couple weeks ago when I missed out on my level-up OTO

There is no reason why ludia can’t offer you something when a one time offer glitches! But I guess when you are making all the money you want and lose a whale it doesn’t matter to them! Now if they all of a sudden lost 10,000 whales they might consider changing the bs policy

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Harpoon the whales :sunglasses:

From talking to several people, it seems the 1.5 arena distribution is going to result in many missed one time offers. I’m in Lockwood right now, but after the update will be in aviary. But will not have a chance to get the one time offer unless I drop below 4500 trophies before the update. That would mean intentionally dropping about 1200 trophies to be able to get it.

Is this true? Seems like a good way for Ludia to lose a lot of money :thinking:

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I say good! Less time I have to spend rejecting their total joke of a rip-off offers!

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Someone posted that Ludia told them there was nothing they could do so im planning on dropping. Doubt ill even get them but i would atleast like the chance to.


Do you get an one time offer if you got 4400+ points and you are for the first time in Lock (after update 1.5) ??

The One-Time offers are considered random. There’s definitely a strong possibility that you may get offered one when you reach the next arena or 4400 points. However, please kindly mind that it’s not guaranteed!

i find it so odd that nothing has been done to allow us to spend money on these? :joy:
like, it’s a business, and they won’t take it…

at least I only have to drop about 500 trophies. still though. seems a big pain in the butt

So wuts the point for those people who are dropping to like arena 3? Even with the trophie change wouldn’t they have already received the one time offer before?

Liar. You get them once per arena increase.

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There is nothing random about getting them when you enter a new arena.

When I got into Marshes and then Ruins I never got a OTO, so I guess it is partly random.

I just can’t believe people would be willing to tank their rating just to get a chance to be ripped off…boggles the mind!

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