Can my lineup support tourney hybrids?

Hello I have created this thread to ask if my lineup could support tournament hybrids when I max up all my land based and 1 aquatic tournament creature here’s my lineup
Edit my lvl 40 spinoraptor is not there but if it was it would be right in between the two Indominus rex’s and feel free to comment

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Yes, a level 10 yudon will have similar ferocity to your tapejalocephalus

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Amazing ok what about other tournament hybrids like zalmondon and metriaphodon and segnosuchus etc

They will be weaker, all the ferocity levels are on the spreadsheet by mary_jo, search on the forums and download it, it will have all the information on there, youl be able to see what the ferocity of each level 10 tourney hybrid will be and compare them to your current dinos

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Ok do you have tourney hybrids at all?

Nope not a single one as of yet.

I’m on my way to making segnosuchus, I will have a couple at level 10 for now as they have high attack and short cooldown but they wont be one of my top creatures.

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Nice I’m going to go to my evening split run now so wish me luck

Didn’t look at the numbers but I believe you would benefit more from the two maxed components creatures rather than fusing to make a hybrid.

Also consider your ability to generate DNA. If you fuse and don’t have enough dna for more copies then I probably hold off and just enjoy your dinos.

Btw…I know how tempting it is lolll. Stay strong. Fuse when the time is right.

This is just my opinion though…I like having a deep /balanced bench of useful creatures.

Consider what others say as well.