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Can no one else find these guys?

Am I the only one who hasn’t seen doedicurus or the sloth? at this point I’m gonna get Sonora before them. Is anyone else having this luck?

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You can get the sloth from zone 3, spawning at day, which I have not been to, and dodiac spawning at parks, which i have at level 10 with 700+ dna left over since my daily route has a park that I stay at for a while.


Ask someone in your alliance to place them in the sanctuary if you are unable to find them. If that doesnt work, go to the nearest parkand apply a rare scent or just stay there for sometime. For eremotherium, depending on your zone (im guessing you dont live in zone 3) walk in a particular direction:
zone 1: walk east or west to reach zone 3
zone 2: walk south to reach zone 3
zone 4: walk north to reach zone 3


You’ll get plenty of Sloth in zone 3 so you may have to wait until your rotation for zone 3. If you are currently zone 2 then you only have to wait until Monday!

I was going to post the same thing actually. Doedicurus I got once from an incubator and Eremotherium i have only because someone in my Alliance put her in a sanctuary.

I’ve had the last two weeks off work on holiday and been out almost everyday walking around, visiting parks and dropping scents but no sign of these in the wild at all.

Normally any new common creatures are out there in your neighbourhood from day 1.

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Had one Doedi spawn in a park yesterday and darted 199 :smiley:
Got some 3200+ Eremo DNA from Sonora strike. Currently I’m at zone 2, so expecting plenty more starting next Monday.

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I just got 5,000 from the sonrara strike but havent seen doedricus. it only spwans at parks

ermotherium is actually jsut a day spwan creature

Yes but it also only spawns at zone 3

why doesnt it say it on its dinodex tho. I’m in area 3 and see it only sometimes

I haven’t seen either of them either… Although I’ve been stuck indoors since the update hit. I eventually got the sloth in a sanc in one go, but I don’t really want to waste my FIPs on the other right now.

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I already have both of these new dinosaurs as they were so easy to gather dna from and create them, currently my Doedidcurus is LV12 and my Eremotherium ( Giant Sloth ) is LV13 plus i also have the brand new Sonorasaurus which is currently LV13 as well ( it can be obtained from buying the incubator at your in game shop for $16.99c ! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


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