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Can not choose my Bad Dino's to Fight the battle


give me the way how to sellect my dino’s to get in the battle.


From the battle screen or before it? If before, click on your dinosaur collection and it should let you make a team. There’s a modify button on the top right as well to switch around your team. If on battle screen just click on the arrows symbol that’s in the middle underneath your attacks.


i did… but still i can not sellect my Fav Dino’s… when i get in the battlefield, still get Random from my dino’s Team.


It might sort it by who would be best against your opponent at the time. Idk that’s how pogo works


As for the official FAQ; it doesn’t tell us it selects specific dinosaurs for every battle. Just random ones.

I also looked further into it and it only selects opponents according to your trophies.

In my own experiences; im pretty sure you get a completely random team. Sometimes i get very strange combinations against very strong dinosaurs. No real counter possibilities for my team, while i clearly have very strong counters against certain opponents… For example; had to fight a level 17 raptor while i clearly have a level 18 one in my dino team. Somehow it didn’t make it into my battle team so i was unable to counter with my own raptor. So if you want to make your team work according to your plan; try to include two kinds of dinosaurs which do similar moves for certain situations. Its a good balance vs only having one or two very strong dinosaurs. Most of the time it’ll bring at least one; sometimes even both.

Eventually your team will have equal levels and will be allround strong; thats the ultimate goal really. Just try to catch as many as you can and keep on leveling!


I actually just found out that the game randomly selects dinosaurs from your 8 that you choose from your team. I would keep 8 of your strongest dinosaurs on your team


i wish i could select the greatest dino’s when i get to the battlefield


I’m sorry but if I cannot select my own players for a pvp battle it is not a pvp battle.Ludia fix this freaking garbage.


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