Can not login with a different facebook account

I’ve been trying to transfer my data to a different device, but to do so i need to link my account first. This however, is impossible because whenever i try to log in it automatically says i previously logged in with a different account and the only thing i can do is press continue or no (in both cases it gets cancelled). This is because the account it automatically tries to login with already has a park linked to it and the facebook account doesnt even exist anymore. Is there anyone that knows a way for me to login with a different account so i can finally play on another device?


Not my picture, but it looks like this

You need to email support, you need to give them both support keys and explain which park you want where and they can manually move them.


Hey Emerged, as Sionsith had suggested. Please reach out to our support team at with your support key so our team can assist you further with your account transfer. :slight_smile:

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alright thank you sionsith, will do that

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Have you logged out of the previous device

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Same problem happened to me a few months ago. What device do you play on iPhone or android

If you play on iPhone or iPad I can help