Can Orion get stun resistance please?

To counter thor.

I dont think thor is OP or needs a nerf. I do think he needs more counters that dont have to be hyper speed. Adding stun resist would go a long way toward at least ensuring a rampage gets off.

I’d love to see other thor counters introduced as well.


Do any of Orion components have stun resistance?

we lost one (2?) when thor got the bleed resist. Spinocon and suchotator are no longer as effective. maybe vexus as well, but i’m not sure how well she countered thor in the first place. either no bleed resist on thor, or rework the cunning-fierce/ wild card bleeders to be more effective.

and yes, i would also love Orion to get stun resist as it can’t distract thor.


Well seeing as how Orion can’t 2 shot thor anyways, it’s kind of pointless


I’ve always seen Thor as more of a counter to Orion than the other way around. Thor could maybe use a couple more counters right now (like bleeders), but Orion ain’t it.


On normal grounds they can’t, but given how so many people insist on boosting Thors to 145 speed, Orion is actually a pretty good counter against those when boosted efficiently. With a crit on the rampage, mine can take down most of them with a single hit.


Not to mention it could be a revenge killer. Big reason you can’t right now is cause ic and delay on rampage.

I think it’s fine as is. Just give it the 50 attack back. It does well with fierce already with the rend and bleed resistance


Let’s just bring full immunity back and give it to every dinosaur that all of you seem to like so much. You want to create balance that you want to hand and already extremely powerful creature one of the most useful immunities all I can do is sit here and shake my head

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Why such an agressive and negative response?


Yup it is a bit agressive.
However:No,it is already strong enough and we don’t want stun to be this much useless.
If we take all apex and uniques,not even half of them can be stun.

While @Creative_Screen_name ‘s post was rly aggressive, they have a point. Orion is already pretty good in this current meta, and buffing it could make it broken, but also Thor is Orion’s natural counter by design, so I don’t think it needs stun res rn


What Orion needs is one damage back it was fine and two if any buff it should have revenge nullifying rampage. Perfect move for it that lets it revenge kill.


Bring back NI and NR cooldown to one

Nah,its fine now.
It use to be broken

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Only if Erlidom gets decel immunity

I don’t think Orion is the right creature for the job of countering Thor, and it certainly doesn’t need Stun resistance to be good. I think removing Thor’s DoT resistance as well as the swap-prevention resistance might do the trick.


I know this doesn’t help, but i made two concepts that may be viable counters for thor if they were ever implemented into the game:

And here are the other components info cards:

Ok get Orion 100% stun resistance and in exchange 100% distraction resistance will be removed