Can Parasaurolophus Lux be put in a sanctuary?

Has anybody who got Para Lux checked if that’s possible?
It would be good so people who can’t go out and hunt can also get access to the creature.

Nope it can’t

Well that’s bad for some people. I am glad that i can still go outside^^

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Noooo! I guess am going to wait for an event with para-lux

You do realise you don’t necessarily “need” to go out. If you are able to have your phone on you can have JWA open and it might spawn. I’ve had short-spawns appear just by having my JWA open, although not Para yet, but the other new ones have.

i got one short spawn point right at my house and 2 walking into my work building. so far no para lux, but i should get it eventually.

Not everyone has a short range spawn point at their house; we have one right on top of our office but none when at home - you don’t have to go far to get one but you do have to leave the house.


I already tried that, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Hmm they should make the short-spawn point be where you are always, not specific locations on the map. Like the scents, they will spawn in your short-spawn circle, so short-spawns should always spawn within your short-spawn circle regardless of where you are on the map.

Ludia need to understand the players more.


I have had mephisto, gorgonops, and amphicyon all spawn in the short range for me, just staying in my home all the time



It does work that way. I have had 3 of the new creatures spawn for me, and I’m always at home

But not for everyone. Some people don’t have short range spawns when they are at home. The nearest spawn of a creature is about 90 meters away. Luckily I can go outside though^^

Its 90 meters away for me when I am at home

Oh, I guess I just happen to have a spawn point at home. :face_with_monocle:

That’s not good. It’s not a hybrid, so why not? Disappointing.


I think it can cuz it never said legendaries can’t be in it, it said hybrids can’t be in it

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I certainly hope that she can go into sanctuaries otherwise not everyone will be able to complete her.

I’ve heard from people that already have her that no, she can’t be placed in sanctuaries.

My friend already tried placing it into a sanctuary and he couldn’t. So unless he was glitched it 100% can’t be placed in a sanc