Can please allow the cloak ability to dodge fully again

What is the point of the cloak ability if it doesn’t allow you to fully avoid damage for a turn… like evasive stace still fully dodges it makes it next to impossible to compete with some of the unique dinosaurs with only legendaries its incredibly frustrating either make them both this way or change it back.


They are both this way… the change was made to dodge so it isnt attached to cloak or evasive its how dodge works.

Create uniques then.

Evasive stance doesnt fully dodge anymore either…I lost 2 battles cuz of that

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It’s still complete bs it dodges 3 turns instead of 2 though like it’s not even at all either make them the same or compensate it.

cloak at least 2x dmg evasive stance doesn’t do anything now. My inso is pretty shot.

Yes, please change it back.


Was totally against this yesterday. I’m keeping elri because its already 147 speed with a pretty good rampage but I will most likely work towards benching indo.

But I guess I’m ok with it now that I’ve seen my tryo do 2500 damage through a cloak with a critical rampage that would of been 0 damage before the update.


I’m happy with the change! Please don’t revert it. Tank meta came and went, now dodge meta is done, it’s the cycle of life.


Yeah even though im going to bench indo which is one of my highest level wise… i also dont want this change reverted.


I don’t want this change reversed either .
There was only one thing worse than facing a Dino that dodged any damage 3x in a row , and that was and is the rat .


The point is now that you evade some of the damage. Taking 33% of the damage even 50% of the time is still effective. Most boosted evasive or cloaked dios can absorb this damage you just can’t live on no damage for 3 straight turns anymore.


Honestly i view evasive and to a less extent cloak now similar to ready to crush…the players who always hit evasive/cloak as their first turn move even when it was a bad move are easily the ones hurt the most by this change.

Now you have to decide if its worth potentially wasting a turn and possibly the dinos life pool for a chance to negate some damage… more often its not.


The truth is dodging has now become an unreliable form of shield and most shield attacks deal damage, it cant work in its current form. If its going to simply reduce damage its success rate has to go up accordingly. This is seemingly an attempt to outright kill all dodge based moves which may seem like a good thing but the risk reward elements are good for the game. The real issue is that most dodging creature are fast while their “counters” are slow and Ludia didnt give their last attempt to balance things a real chance, as has been discussed having the new creatures feature arena exclusive DNA meant getting them to team level was a joke for most people. It cant stay like this, if it cant be the way it was a new solution is going to be necessary.


They cant balance the actual game, boost cant be balance, the only hope for Indo is make a new mechanic for him, like “me first” when u use a priority move he use an attack before u can use it dealing 1.5 damage, the put some instant devastatión or instant rampage.

There needs to be a boost roll back. A lot of dinos aren’t as valuable now because of it.

I didn’t really rely on dodge before, it failed too many times. But my Indo still is boosted with decent damage.


You have to decide if it’s worth it? Why would you ever waste your turn like that. You don’t get to decide that anymore they decided for you when they put the nerf out.


I’m just going to keep voting for new moves. Ditch dodge and evasive. Give indo instant distraction or instant invinsible or instant 1.5dmg attack. Same with indom. And erlidom needs something like a shield.

Ditch and replace the dodge and evasive moveset its dead.

Otherwise thanks a lot for making more dinos basically unusable in a rat infested meta.

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I think if we’re gonna stick with the new cloak/dodge mechanic, then the success rate has to be higher. In a risk-reward analysis, 50% chance to take no damage is a reasonable gamble. 50% chance to take some or all damage? Not really worth it.

If dinos are gonna take damage no matter what, than the success rate for the move should be at least 66% (And if people are gonna complain about 3 turns of damage reduction…I don’t know how to break the news to them about the existence of shield, distraction, and stun)


I had an indo today take a cloaked erlidom rampage that normally hits for 7k… and the indo had half its health still… thats far from useless.