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Can rend kill a dino?


Let’s say, If Carnotaurus does 50% damage, and the opposing dinosaur has 2000 hp, will it do 1000 damage, then 500 damage next because it had 1000 hp?


Maybe if you keep doing it till it’s at 1 hp and then it will kill?:thinking:


It’s based off of max HP, not remaining HP… so yes, it can.


I think it will work with it’s base total HP.

As in, if a creature did have 2000, every hit would be 1000, since that’s what the total base HP was to begin with.

If it the HP had an odd number, like, say, 1235, then the damage would most likely be rounded up to the best of its ability.

Edit; ah, Hersh once again brings a straight answer. nicely done xP


Rend is just like bleed in that aspect. Long story short. Also works against immune tho


Which is why marsupial lion with prowl>rending takedown (with a 90% crit chance) will take 75% of any dino in the games health in one shot


That sounds… Really bad if that’s true. Tanks will disappear forever if not already.


I want to know if Rend can crit, and if it can, what that looks like.


I’m actually not a fan of tanks. I like my damage. but still
RIP Tanks
2018 stegod - 2019 wound, rend, rat

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If the opponent’s dino has a low max HP such as Vraptor, the Rend damage may be even lower than the regular basic damage.


Yes rend crits. Literally posted a scenario 2 posts above where u asked that.


Direct from the patch notes


Absolutely true…since that exact scenario is what ludia used as an example in the patch notes


Yes I saw your scenario, but what does that look like?

Does the crit do additional percentage damage? So if a rend does let’s say 50% of a creature’s health, but crits, does it do 75% of that creature’s health?

Or maybe it scales off the base damage of the creature? So if a creature has 500 base damage, is attacking with a 50% rend on a creature with 3000 health, will it do 1500 + 750(500*1.5) damage?

I want to know what this mechanic looks like with stuff like crits, damage reduction, etc.


Has nothing to do with the base damage. It’s based on total xp alone. Yes a 50% rend that crits does 75% of max hp damage. I just posted the example ludia used

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And yes distracting works against rend


I‘m always reading ‚Marsupilami‘ lol. So confused. :rofl::rofl:

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It’s damage + rend, so 75% and damage that Marsupial Lion do, isn’t it?


Rend is a percentage of overall hp. Has nothing to do with damage. At all.


For instance. A dino with 10k attack stat with minor rending vs a dino with 1000 hp will only do 250 damage. (Minor rending does 25% total hp). Notice how the attack stat is irrelevant

And of course if that crits it’s now 37.5% of overall hp.

It’s not hard to understand if you read the patch notes tbh

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