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Can Samone Please Do Something About Speed Tie?

Gamepress players, since it seems Ludia listen only you, can you please include speed tie problem in you next open letter please?

This RUINS lvl 26 tournaments, friendly battles and some pvp too.

Completely unfair to players from different places in globe.

I NEVER (let me type this again N-E-V-E-R) won a speed tie situation, because of my global location.

It doesn’t matter if I use an old phone, a new one, Android, iOS, if I have a 500ms or 3ms ping (with local tests obviously), if i touch 1000 times a second trying to choose before opponent. NEVER, becase as people exhaustively told here, different places in world have different communication timing with JWA servers.

And I also presume Ludia doesn’t have hundreds of servers for a game.

So it’s a completely unfair battle system. Seriously, I would prefer a pair of dice than loosing every single time because I don’t live near JWA server.

Now how I deal with speed ties: I don’t even try anymore. I have some options, like swap, instant move (if my creature has one) or swallow my defeat.

Why Ludia doesn’t answer a single word about that?