Can sarco be remade to not 100% stun on the 75% stunning strike?

because it definitley is doing a 100% stun so far, 50-ish battles into the tournament…

or if thyla was stun resistant so there would at least be a tiny chance to do anything other than loose when u face a 30 max boost sarco… (wich is about 100% of the battles in this tournament…)

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My sarco never stuns. Thats why I benched it


As someone who uses Sarcorixis every day in the arena, I assure you that it is not 100%.
I don’t think the stun chance is the issue here anyway.


My sarco stuns most of the time those dino who has 0% resistance to stun. Thylacotator is one of them and I am happy Thyla can be stunned ( I dont want him too overpowered) it is good as is.

My sarco almost never stun when I need to him to stun those with resistance eg: proceratomimus, Carbonemys, Phorasaura.

And obviously there are a bunch of dinos with immunity to stun (100% resistance to stun) which exist to counter the stunners. For the tournament Entelochops is one of them.


thats the whole problem with this game… when you have the sarco it doesnt stun, but when they have the sarco it stuns for sure : D

It does and that is why I hate facing it in the Arena. It may not be 100% stun but two stun attacks plus no escape makes it too frustrating and a little OP.

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My alt account uses it, and its ridiculous. I think the main problem is that it has 2 stunning moves an no escape. On top of that FI is pretty crazy with 1300 damage. So maybe if one of the stunning strikes was changed to a bleeding move, and was reclassified as a fierce resilient, it would likely already be on somewhat of a better path. Maybe a little damage nerf, just like 1200, and it should be good. Now there is the argument of buff other epic hybrids. While I agree with that, Sacro is really too high up in classification. So bring it back down a little, and buff the other epic hybrids as well.

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Mine stuns only when the game is not on the line.

As I’ve said before best thing that could be done with rixis is removing speed control, that immunity he should never have had IMO, he needs to be put on the back foot in a battle & not have complete control especially as he also has resilient strike, 1 or the other of those 2 needs to go . As for stuns it’s always been part of its moveset at the end of the day it’s luck or whatever as to whether it does or doesn’t, but 100% it’s not thankfully.


even tough it says 75% foor to stun on rixis, id say its 50%. The amount of time i get the stun is soooooooo low

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Sarco may need a rework but don’t know how to without damaging all those who trusted it.

Entelochops is easily countered by Thyla or Dimodactylus. 95% of time when you want to revenge kill Rixis, Thya swaps in. Entelochops need minor attack buff and no escape or swap prevention that can counter Rixis reliably. Rixis would be managable if RS would be changed back to FS. That way speedsters and Indom g2 can counter it.

we found the solution

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