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Can some gentle soul explain me?

I have read somewhere that the superhybrids are far more efficient when it comes to recovery times which is especially beneficial at tourneys. Unfortunately i couldn’t find any info about that anywhere in spite of digging deep into internet. Can some philantropist write down level 10 and 20 versions of each or at least some? Even sharing pics after a battle would be more than enough for me. Thank you already.

I’m on phone rn and I’m not sure how to link the post where it has a spreadsheet of every dinosaur but if you search up “Jurassic world the game spreadsheet” scroll for a little bit until you find one who was made by @Mary_Jo , you’ll find a list of every dinosaur with a plethora of information on each and much more about in-game events.


Here’s a link to the spreadsheet created by @Mary_Jo (thank you again). Scroll to the pages at the bottom. It has everything in need.


@Bandeezee linked it above, just go onto the spreadsheet and scroll for the dinosaur you want information on.

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Indoraptor level 10. 1 day cooldown
indominus level 40. 2 day cooldown…


Wow! It is far beyond my expectation, thank you guys. You are so kind. :blush::blush::blush:


Thank @Mary_Jo she’s the one that did all the work. I simply just pointed you too it.