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Can somebody explain to me how stat boosting isn't pay to win?


Cus it sounds pay to win.

The fact that there will be purchasable daily and weekly deal in the store worries me in this regard.


I will have to wait and see how that whole aspect functions before I make a decision one way or the other. All we know is that it is going to be a thing, we have no idea about the process.


Don’t understand how much boost resource is needed to get to lvl 10 boost rank.

It suggest you get 4 boost resource in lock down Avairy daily incubators.

It’s basically an extra level per boost rank. So no way do we get 4 level boost each day.


It depends whether it’s actual cash (bad idea) or bucks/coins (good idea).


Of course there will be a pay to win aspect to it. It’s a for profit game. Like all things with this and all games just hope it’s competitive and enjoyable for those that aren’t.


Its a mobile game… pay to win elements are expected. As @JHVS you just hope those who dont spend can still be competitive… but those that do will have an advantage.

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I am looking at it… And the idea I can customize my Dino’s to be my Dino’s is definitely something I will pay for.

And what I do with them will be kept as close to my chest as possible.

Can it be used as pay to win of course. But…

In no way is it pay to compete.

I think it’s just a great way for us to keep slash make our favorite Dino’s relevant.

One card I will reveal is I’m sure as shooting gonna speed buff t Rex

On a side note…

More customize currency for higher arena levels.

I finally got a reason to see y’all at the top!


support the devs much?


Because the new matchmaking system will match player with similar stat boost (if it works correctly)

So ideally stat boost players will only face stat boost players.

In fact, the new matchmaking means that we can build a low level team to have fun and still earn PVP incubators, again, if it works ideally.


I need to correct myself. They said BOTH trophy counts and team level will be taken into consideration. So your trophy count still affect match making and we can’t really build a pure fun team in PVP.


I expect it will be pay to win. To a point, at least. I actually don’t have a problem with it, though.
I think it’ll mean that as a free player, I’ll never hit the very top. Won’t see the top 50 in arenas or tournaments. But really, there are at least 50 people in this game who both play more than I do and pay money anyway. ¯\_(ツ)__/¯
By the sounds of the new matchmaking, I actually have hopes that the pay-to-win players that would crush me will be over my level and won’t bother me anyway.
There’s another game I played hard on and got far in (Star Wars Force Collection), and it is now out of business. Game doesn’t exist anymore. That was sad. For the last little while, I was afraid of that happening to this game in a couple years. I relaxed after this stat boost thing was introduced. I expect people will collectively pay quite a bit for it, and because of that, I can still benefit as a freeloader. :slight_smile:
Now all that aside, I’m looking forward to tweaking these things! Yeah, 100% speed boosts and all these other things may seem wildly out of hand later on, but I’ve actually been thinking about this possibility for quite a while! Now your dinosaur can be different! I LOVE that idea! :smiley:


i wonder if they keep their boosts during friendlies. that would be fun.


@quakeur no more speedties :joy:


Yeah… Makes sense that they wouldn’t because they try leveling the field for friendlies, but it could also get kinda weird if it doesn’t carry over. Suppose I boost my Trykosaurus’s speed like crazy because I want it to outpace the Thor. I’m successful, and now it outpaces every Thor. Then I have it because it outpaces Thor. Everyone else has been boosting other stats on everything else, and my Tryko starts falling behind on damage/HP. Then I do a friendly… Tryko is slow. Be like, wut? It’s almost not the same dinosaur anymore…


yeah. or you have a runt team that you boosted then they go back to being runts during friendlies. thats what i thought aswell.


i also wonder if the boosts will be different per rarity. probably not. so people can still exploit the same dinos if you think about it. they just need to find the best combos.


Why yes I do support the devs.

So far all other things aside they have worked very hard do do what was asked of them. And seems to me like they have (bugs and unintended side effects aside)

And when some one or some ones go that far out of thier way to do that it should be recognized and supported.

But I don’t expect you to feel that way. Especially given that your the kinda person who would complain that the free beer you get isn’t your favorite brand.

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ill sit and wait patiently before i boost anything.


What if the boosts aren’t money but for VIP only?


it doesnt say anything about vip.