Can someone confirm Indoraptor level30 does exactly 1700 damage please


title says it all. I’m taking on the strike tower and want to be ready.
I don’t use Tany normally (and don’t have monosteg) but have wasted some coins getting him to 1703 health. Just wondering if I should level up again to be safe or is it just wasting coins I can’t afford. Thanks in advance


You can have 4 dinosaurs in that event vs the indoraptor. I beat him but it took 2 of my dinosaurs to knock him down. I’m not super high leveled either.


There is always possibility for crit so you cant be sure if he one shots or not


Think its first attack on my Stegod lvl 23 was about 5669. Not sure if any slower Dino can guarantee it’ll respond if it Crits. If that is the crit base damage must be above 1700.


I believe it is 1702. Ive seen a level 13 Tany survive a hit with 1hp left (he has 1703 hp).
It’s never a sure thing with criticals etc and besides if Indo wants you dead, you gone be dead :skull:most battles come down to smashing your way through an evasive stance and hoping for the best I know mine did.


It took out my Stegodeus with one critical hit that dealt more than 5k damage. It also dealt 3400+ damage without a critical versus my Stegoceratops. It wrecked my dinos and dodged every attack (during evasive stance) without getting stunned.


First go I had I got one hit on it before my team was smashed in 3 rounds with 5000 and 3500 point ap attacks. I fared better in round 2 as I managed to get a nulify and a slowing attack in.


My level 15 Velociraptor and level 12 Blue can take him out easily. Dunno i am lucky or what but he only dodged 1 Velociraptor attack before finished by Blue. If you guys are lower level, try using Velociraptor as a suicide bomber, he can out run the Indoraptor and do 2 damage turn before getting killed. I am only level 7 though :smiley:


That’s what it says…


Did you use some website or app which shows you these exact stats?


JWA Dinodex :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


It wired that he did 1702 damage then?
Thanks for the heads up about divided though. I’ll have to check that out