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Can Someone Confirm Something For Me? - When You're First Starting Out Question - Strike Team Question - Can It Remain 4?

You know how you just literally start out and I believe they have you start with 4 on your Strike Team at least before you can start battling in the Arena and Strike Towers, but I’m curious. Does the tutorial ever make you choose a 5th or fill out the rest completely? It’s been so long I cant recall and I think it doesn’t and I did it willingly. The thought process has always been (however you’d have to know before you start) that if you keep your other 4 slots empty you will always know what you are going to draw in any given battle and have less dinosaurs to level. which means it happens faster. You also have less boosts to acquire and allocate. It seems better to me. I just cant remember if that’s how it works because I swear they only required you to fill 4 slots, but nothing ever said you had to fill all 8. I also am aware most will hate this idea. I’m simply asking is it doable as I was also recently told that the level upgrade purchases are no longer great deals like they use to be back when I first started a few months after the game came out.

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You want to just keep 4 common dinos the whole game? :laughing:

It used to be if you created a Dino you it gets added to your team. So you can only create the 4 you want to use forever.

I know Ludia took preventative measures against teams of just 4 being allowed to enter tournaments after @zBatman won one.

It’s quite a sacrifice these days.

No. I was asking if my idea was possible. So now I know it is not if that’s still true. Hey look it’s been years since I started. I literally have no idea if things have changed between now and then so I’m asking. It really would be cool if you could just choose the four Uniques or Legendary or Apex or whatever you wanted and always draw those four. That’s what I meant.

Well zBatman did it and won the first ever tournament with his 4 dinos.

After that they changed the rules and you couldn’t enter unless you had 8 dinos in your roster.

What’s more I believe he got to the top arena with that roster of 4 some time ago.

Check out JWA Batman on YouTube.

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unfortunately it won’t work with 4 legendary/ unique. 1 has to be a common because of the tutorial. after that, as long as you don’t create anything else besides what you want, it should be theoretically possible to have 3 uniques on the team. Just have to get them from events. It would be the longest grind ever, but a team of 3 uniques and 1 tutorial common is possible.

Raptor, Indo, TenRex, Tryko/Max

Well, at least there’s that! So my idea isn’t totally unobtainable, just not the best idea. Still it’s nice to know we have our options open. Options are always better than deja vu on repeat.

Definitely possible…


Also @Duif made a pretty good one. Didn’t make it as high but still very impressive.